Delcross announces Electromagnetic Interference Toolkit 4.0

April 8, 2015

Delcross Technologies announces the release of the EMIT (Electromagnetic Interference Toolkit) Version 4 software. EMIT V4.0 combines an analysis engine that is over 100 times faster than the previous release, with intuitive new RF system configuration setup and EMI margin result views. EMIT V4.0 gives RF system engineers a complete and intuitive picture of the sources of RF cosite EMI margin violations and contributing signal paths for scenarios involving many integrated or co-located RF systems.

EMIT is a software framework for cosite simulation and management of installed RF systems. These RF systems may consist of multiple receivers, transmitters, antennas, interconnected components, and installation platforms. EMIT manages installed RF system performance data, simulates intra-system RF EMI effects, and helps to mitigate EMI issues, resulting in a comprehensive database/model maintainable over the life of a host platform.

EMIT V4.0 features new intuitive interfaces for RF system configuration, for RF cosite interference analysis, and for viewing EMI margin results. A new Configuration Diagram lets you configure RF systems graphically with intuitive “drag and drop” component placement and connection in a schematic display format. RF systems can now be configured with multiple radios, and have connections to separate Tx and Rx paths, and to connect multiple antennas, radios and components. New RF components like circulators, isolators, multiplexers, and power dividers have been added to enable, for example, multi-band antennas to be shared between RF systems. For the benefit of military customers, RF systems can also be defined in a convenient new DD-1494 form entry mode.

RF cosite EMI margin results are now displayed in multiple linked diagnostic views that update dynamically, instantly identifying root-cause EMI margin violation sources and the paths they take. EMI margin plots clearly identify intermodulation product sources, as well as other EMI margin violators. A new Interaction Diagram traces the RF signal paths taken by contributing signals through the affected RF systems, and the signal spectral mask at any point in the system can be displayed. A new Scenario Details panel provides an intuitive tree structure for navigating results. Result view panels are dynamically linked, and update instantly when any individual panel change is applied.

The EMIT V4.0 GUI now features dockable windows that let the user configure the graphical user interface in any way they choose. Dockable windows can also be used outside of the main GUI window, which will be appreciated by those who have workstations with multiple monitors. Delcross is now providing EMIT V4.0 to customers under Windows, and now for the first time, on Linux OS. Delcross EMIT customers with a current software maintenance contract will receive this upgrade free of charge.

Headquartered in Champaign, IL, Delcross Technologies specializes in installed antenna performance, large target radar signature simulation, and RF cosite EMI analysis.

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