GOEPEL boosts inspection and boundary-scan offerings

May 11, 2015

GOEPEL electronic presented new test technologies at the SMT/Hybrid/Packaging show in Nuremberg last week. First, new PILOT 6 AOI software includes major enhancements. In addition, the new PILOT Connect system links all inspection data from AOI, AXI, and SPI equipment—thereby facilitating process optimization in electronics manufacturing.

Further, the BasicLine 3D standalone AOI system offers telecentric measurement technology. And the new SPI-Line 3D solder paste inspection system offers the flexibility at maximum speed to identify small feature sizes. And finally, the JULIET Series2 desktop boundary-scan platform performs electrical testing, programming, validation, and emulation.

PILOT 6 inspection software, the company reports, makes AOI test-program generation as easy as handling a smartphone. The software includes SmartGuide, a simple operating concept in the style of touchscreen navigation. With SmartGuide, test programs can be created quickly and accurately—even without AOI programming skills.

PILOT Connect is a system for linking all inspection data of automatic optical, solder paste, and X-ray inspection. The uniform interface centrally creates and administers the machine and operating data of the connected systems and collects all the test data in one verification and repair space, allowing a secure assessment of the errors while optimizing the production process and reducing production costs. Thanks to a uniform user interface, all the data of the testing systems of AOI, AXI, and SPI are flexibly and straight-forwardly made available to the user, ensuring maximum security in the assessment of errors. In the event of any ambiguous errors a cross-system, automatic retest is possible.

BasicLine•3D enables the shadow-free, 3-D inspection of printed circuit boards in small and medium-sized batches. Thanks to the innovative measurement technology, the AOI system with manual loading is given an enhancement to the orthogonal camera and rotating angled-view module. For manufacturers with lower batch sizes, the BasicLine•3D provides a powerful and flexible system that can be configured according to the individual production situations and inspection requirements.

SPI-Line 3D represents a new-generation solder paste inspection system, allowing solder pastes and sinter pastes with a height of less than 50 μm to be measured precisely and quickly. The newly developed measuring head, with double-sided projection within the device, provides the maximum degree of repeatability and reliability through its shadow-free inspection. The speed-optimized camera head keeps pace with the high production throughput without any loss of precision, supporting 180 pictures per second and up to 290 cm2/s.

JULIET Series2 is GOEPEL’s latest generation boundary scan production test platform. The compact desktop system includes fully integrated boundary scan test hardware, power supply, and an interchangeable adapter system for flexible UUT contact. The new JULIET (derived from JTAG Unlimited Tester) is particularly suitable for production testing in the low and mid volume range as well as for repair. In addition, the JULIET system supports all of the company’s Embedded System Access (ESA) technologies and is suitable for complex assemblies. JULIET also can be used for programming of non-volatile memories such as flash or MCU.


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