Global Invacom selects Presto Engineering for RF chipset

May 28, 2015

Presto Engineering Inc., a provider of semiconductor backend turnkey production services, announced that it will provide turnkey deployment—testing, qualification, and backend production—for Global Invacom’s advanced Romeo & Juliet RF chipset.

Global Invacom’s Romeo & Juliet RF chipset destacks satellite TV signals distributed over the Global Invacom FibreIRS infrastructure, as used in multiple dwelling units (MDUs), hotels, and residences where bulky and expensive coax cabling is not desirable or cannot be used. The stacked satellite TV signals are sent over fiber and terminated by the Romeo chip, a differential output low-noise amplifier (LNA) that feeds one or more programmable Juliet dual-channel destacker chips that are software configurable to meet any of the world’s satellite TV frequency plans.

According to Michel Villemain, CEO, Presto Engineering, “Global Invacom, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of satellite and TV peripheral equipment, selected Presto Engineering because of our extensive RF expertise in engineering and industrialization and backend capabilities. They also saw value in our local presence, with our test production facilities in Europe.” He added, “We have shipped the first set of ICs to Global Invacom this month, and recently signed a contract for production into 2015.”

The R&J chipset—an advanced broadband receiver—can be set in a variety of applications and configurations that require the architecture of a program to be highly flexible. Presto, leveraging on its expertise in this domain, has achieved both flexibility with no compromise against test time. Presto has also used a proprietary algorithm for fast and accurate differential measurement to achieve 1° accuracy and stability of three times the throughout previously obtained.

Malcolm Burrell, director of advanced R&D at Global Invacom, said, “We design many of the world’s most complex and demanding satellite communication products for major broadcast companies worldwide and needed a reliable source for the industrialization and production of our Romeo & Juliet RF chipset. Our partnership with Presto Engineering, with its quick turnaround with uncompromised quality, has managed to reduce our lead-time and also meet our customer demands. We had an excellent experience working with them and we look forward to this continuing partnership throughout 2015 and beyond.”

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