GOEPEL introduces test strategy for IoT devices

June 3, 2015

Under the name JEDOS (JTAG Embedded Diagnostics Operating System), GOEPEL electronic has introduced a new technology for embedded test of complex electronic designs. The new test strategy has been developed in particular for diagnostic testing of devices for the Internet of Things (IoT).

JEDOS represents by its architecture a complete operating system that uses the natively integrated processor to execute embedded diagnostic functional tests in real time. It is loaded and controlled via JTAG, or alternative debug interfaces, directly into the processor so the user does not require native firmware.

JEDOS offers a wide range of different functions for test, validation, and calibration as well as programming. Of particular interest are calibration functions for a DDR RAM controller to verify access security, or to get optimized initialization parameters through appropriate margin tests.

Thanks to its functionality, JEDOS shifts more test execution even further into the target, making for an important step on the way to embedded ATE.

The advantages provided by JEDOS enable comprehensive test of IoT devices without using firmware. This offers the software developer pre-verified prototype hardware and more efficient fault isolation.

“The rapidly increasing complexity of IoT devices also creates new demands on the performance of the tools used both in the field of design validation, as well as for production test. Exactly this problem we are addressing through the in-the-target embedded JEDOS solution,” said Thomas Wenzel, managing director of GOEPEL electronic and CTO of the JTAG/boundary Scan division.

“At the same time we are expanding our portfolio with this step on Embedded System Access (ESA) solutions to a strategically extremely important element for the diagnostic real-time test without native firmware.”

JEDOS is the first result of the previously announced cooperation with KOZIO. The partnership aims the development of innovative embedded tools in several stages.

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