Cobham Wireless introduces small-cell test capability

June 12, 2015

Stevenage, UK. Cobham Wireless has announced that its RF automated test equipment (ATE) system—based on PXI modular instruments and PXI Maestro test sequencing software—now supports multi-device fast RF alignment and RF performance verification measurements of small cells. Integrated device control software for Qualcomm Technologies’ FSM99xx-based multimode enterprise, residential, and metro small cells is included.

PXI Maestro test software provides an out-of-the-box solution integrating all the sequencing control necessary to measure multiple devices under test (multi-DUT). The complete ATE system provides the ability to test up to four small cells in parallel using a single RF channel (a single vector signal analyzer and signal generator) by the use of novel RF signal conditioning and intelligent test sequencing, providing for a low cost and fast test solution with industry leading test times.

“Our femtocell customers are looking for solutions that can accelerate their development on the bench while providing scalability in volume manufacturing,” said Tim Carey, senior product manager for modular instruments at Cobham Wireless. “PXI Maestro software allows a single RF channel to test multiple devices without any additional development effort or complexity when transferring into production.”

He added, “Adding multi-device capability for Qualcomm Technologies’ FSM99xx chipset series for small cells extends the existing PXI Maestro support for Qualcomm Technologies’ cellular and connectivity devices. This helps to secure the investment of existing customers in the evolving Cobham Wireless PXI platform.”

The customizable components of the PXI Maestro software such as device control, test plan editing, result formatting, and the PXI Maestro graphical user interface combine to present a comprehensive ATE solution that is capable for measurements from benchtop R&D characterization right through to multi-DUT volume manufacturing. The PXI Maestro small-cell capability provides frequency coverage up to 6 GHz for all LTE, LTE-A, and HSPA bands.

PXI Maestro software and PXI modular hardware is currently in use by major base station vendors and manufacturers. More information on PXI Maestro is available at Information on Cobham Wireless support for Qualcomm Technologies devices can be found at

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