Littelfuse adds compact, magnetically operated reed sensor

Sept. 16, 2015

Chicago, IL. Littelfuse Inc. has introduced the 59022 Series Firecracker Reed Sensor, a compact, cylindrical, magnetically operated sensor capable of switching up to 265 VAC/300 VDC at 10 W/VA. The new sensor’s diameter of just 5.8 mm (0.228 inches) makes it easy to install into confined spaces in existing structures. It is designed for use with the matching 57022 actuator, which is sold separately. Circuit designers have the flexibility to choose from normally open, normally closed or change-over contacts.

Typical applications for the 59022 Series Firecracker Reed Sensor include

  • position/limit sensing for door closures in appliances, smart home automation systems, security systems, metering, and industrial equipment;
  • level sensing for liquid level detection in coffee makers, washing machines, and dishwashers;
  • speed and distance measuring/sensing found in fitness equipment such as treadmills and stationary bicycles; and
  • linear actuators.

“This new reed sensor expands our portfolio of design offerings and provides a sensing solution in a popular form factor that is quick and easy to install,” said Will Li, global product manager for the 59022 Series line. “It also offers a variety of cable length, connector, and sensitivity options, so it’s readily adaptable to many different applications.”

The 59022 Series Firecracker Reed Sensor offers a 25.4 mm x 5.8 mm form factor that fits easily into small, confined spaces. Because it is a magnetically operated proximity sensor, installation is quick and easy. Its hermetically sealed contacts are well suited for use in high-moisture and contaminated environments.

Because it can operate through non-ferrous materials (such as wood, plastic or aluminum) it offers a noncontact solution that’s more aesthetically appealing than push button or lever mechanical-type switches.

Normally open, normally closed and change-over contacts options are available, which makes it ideal for battery-powered applications because the contacts do not draw power when in the non-activated state. It is suitable for switching microcontroller logic-level loads. Custom cable length and connector options make it easy to adapt to customers’ specific application requirements.

The 59022 Series Firecracker Reed Sensor is available in quantities of 100 pieces in a box, with a minimum order quantity of 500. Sample requests can be placed through authorized Littelfuse distributors worldwide.

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