Avnet introduces Xilinx FPGA evaluation kit

Oct. 3, 2015

Phoenix, AZ. Avnet Inc., a global technology distributor, has introduced ARTY, a low power, low-cost Xilinx Artix-7 35T FPGA evaluation kit. This fully customizable evaluation kit for embedded designers provides a flexible, expandable platform for prototyping designs based on Xilinx’s Artix-7 FPGA family. The evaluation kit offers users a complete development system for exploring FPGA designs for cost-sensitive, low-power, embedded applications.

The small form-factor ARTY board supports multiple expansion capabilities by having Arduino-compatible and chipKIT IDE header connectors, along with four Digilent Pmod compatible headers. This combination of 80+ I/O allows capability for users to interface with the hundreds of Arduino Shields and Digilent Pmods available. Development based on Xilinx’s MicroBlaze soft processor core is enabled with the on-board 256 MB DDR3 SRAM, 10/100 Ethernet interface, USB-UART, and an assortment of switches, LEDs, and analog inputs.

“The ARTY evaluation kit is a valuable tool for general purpose FPGA evaluation,” said Jim Beneke, vice president of global technical marketing for Avnet Electronics Marketing. “The included peripherals and expansion interfaces make the kit particularly helpful to designers looking to validate their next design—from experimenting with Arduino shields and integrating multiple sensors to running a Linux-based web server on the MicroBlaze core.”

“The ARTY board, based on our Artix-7 FPGA, provides a complete FPGA evaluation platform with a full Vivado Design Edition seat, and enables designers to have a quick and easy jumpstart for their embedded applications ranging from Linux-based systems to light-weight microcontroller applications,” said Evan Leal, product marketing director, boards and kits, at Xilinx. “The kit is adaptable, it’s easy to use, and at $99, it’s the perfect evaluation tool for the curious engineer.”


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