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Pickering Interfaces to highlight switching products at Autotestcon

Oct. 26, 2015

IEEE-Autotestcon 2015, convening next week in National Harbor, MD, will provide an opportunity for Pickering Interfaces to showcase its latest PXI, PCI, and LXI switching and simulation solutions.

The company will highlight the following range of products:

  • PXI 5-A solid-state multiplexers (Model 40-652). This new range of multiplexers was originally designed for a large defense contractor looking for a multiplexer that could handle large inrush currents. The 40-652 Series offers a range of configurations suitable for the hot or cold switching of signals up to ±100 V at 5 A. The use of solid-state relays allows the hot switching of signals without any life degradation, including DC signals that EMR designs can only handle with much reduced service life and power handling. These are also supported by eBIRST, an easy solution to quickly identify faulty switching systems.
  • Modular Breakout System for Fault Insertion. This new system was designed in partnership with OPAL-RT Technologies. The low-cost system combines a Breakout Box (BoB) feature set with added flexibility and a fault insertion unit (FIU) to provide access to all unit under test (UUT) signals during test-program development. By mating the FIU chassis directly to the Breakout System, cabling is minimized, creating a more compact reliable design and improving signal integrity. In addition, all cables to the simulation system and the UUT are located behind the front panel of the BoB, creating a simpler front panel that is less prone to damage.

Additional products being shown in the booth include precision resistor modules, high-density reed-relay matrices, and switching system management tools. Below are some of the products that will be showcased:

  • PXI and PCI high-density precision programmable resistor Models 40-297 and 50-297), offering a maximum resistance range to 22.3 MΩ;
  • differential PXI fault insertion switch (Model 40-200), designed for lower data rate serial interfaces such as CAN and FlexRay, and the high bandwidth differential PXI fault insertion switch (Model 40-201), designed for higher data rate serial interfaces such as AFDX and 1000BaseT Ethernet;
  • PXI versatile solid state multiplexer module (Model 40-681), which can switch 350 mA with a surge current of 1.5 A for 100 ms;
  • PXI ultra high-density reed relay matrices (Model 40-533B), which are available as either a 64 x 4 or 64 x 2 matrices in either 1-pole or 2-pole formats; and
  • LXI modular chassis, which provide an easy way of supporting Pickering’s 3U PXI modules in an Ethernet-based LXI control environment.

The company will also demonstrate its switching system management tools, including Tecap Switching (Pickering’s signal-routing software simplifies signal routing through switching systems and speeds up the development of switching system software) and eBIRST Switching System Test Tools (which simplify switching-system fault-finding by quickly testing the system and identifying the faulty relays).

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Rick Nelson | Contributing Editor

Rick is currently Contributing Technical Editor. He was Executive Editor for EE in 2011-2018. Previously he served on several publications, including EDN and Vision Systems Design, and has received awards for signed editorials from the American Society of Business Publication Editors. He began as a design engineer at General Electric and Litton Industries and earned a BSEE degree from Penn State.

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