Behlman announces turnkey AC frequency converters

Jan. 16, 2016

Hauppauge, NY. Behlman Electronics Inc., a provider of power products for military shipboard, airborne, and mobile programs as well as for industrial and commercial applications, has announced the unrestricted availability of its FC5003-C1-115-400 and BLX3X500C-8-5362 COTS frequency converters, with true turnkey performance that simplifies operation for industrial, commercial, and military 400-Hz power requirements.

The FC5003 frequency converter is a turnkey solution for converting 120- or 208-VAC, 3-phase, 47- to 63-Hz power into clean, regulated 115/200 VAC 3-phase, 400-Hz power for critical avionics and related applications. This ultra-reliable frequency converter was originally designed to power military munitions test and programming systems used with precision-guided smart weapons, such as bombs and missiles.

Now, this AC frequency convertor is available to provide plug-and-play performance for any 3-phase, 400-Hz industrial, commercial, or military requirement. It supplies 6,000 VA, 16 A per phase, has all the protective circuitry required to assure long-term reliable testing, and comes with two DMMs for true RMS voltage and current indication. A prewired 6-foot line cord with an NEMA L21-30P-type plug and an FSL4-FR female receptacle on the rear panel is standard.

Also being made available for lower power applications, the Behlman BL3X500 Frequency Converter is a turnkey solution that converts 115 or 230 VAC, single-phase, 47- to 63-Hz power into clean, regulated, 115/200-VAC, 3-phase, 400-Hz power at 1,500 VA, 4.3 A per phase. This unit has all the same protection as the higher power FC5003. It comes with a prewired 9.8-foot line cord with an NEMA L5-30-type plug and an FSL4-FR female receptacle on the rear panel. A composite transit case with aluminum frame and an isolation system is available for both models.

According to Behlman president Ron Storm, “The fact that these Behlman COTS frequency converters have been in use for years at USAF facilities worldwide to support mission-critical munitions testers and programmers is evidence of their high performance and reliability. We are very proud to announce that these power supplies are now available for easy turnkey operation wherever clean, regulated 400 Hz is required.”

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