SECO adopts ADS signal, power integrity tool suite

Feb. 11, 2016

Santa Rosa, CA. Keysight Technologies announced that SECO (Arezzo, Italy), a designer and manufacturer of embedded PC boards, has successfully used Keysight EEsof EDA’s SIPro and PIPro signal and power integrity solutions to validate an embedded COMexpress PC board using an AMD R-Series Merlin Falcon 3.2-GHz processor.

SIPro and PIPro are available in the newest release of Advanced Design System (ADS) software. Keysight EDA’s SIPro uses an innovative new composite EM technology for signal integrity analysis that delivers high-frequency accuracy, together with the speed and capacity required for densely routed cutting-edge PCB design. PIPro is a collection of three PI-specific simulation engines for DC IR drop, AC power delivery network (PDN) impedance, and power plane resonances analysis. Each solution shares a common analysis environment with a native 3D-viewer that enables designers to visually inspect nets prior to simulation and view post-processed field visualizations in 3D. With this workflow, designers can go from layout to results in less than 20 clicks.

During validation of its COMexpress PCB, SECO used the ADS PIPro solution to perform a DC IR drop analysis between the 1.2-V voltage regulator module and AMD processor. An AC frequency power integrity analysis then allowed SECO to check the power delivery network against the CPU clock at 3.2 GHz and determine the value and location of decoupling capacitors. Finally, the full board was simulated using power plane resonance analysis to quickly get all resonance frequencies in a range without frequency sweep. After validation of the PCB’s power integrity, SIPro was run in a power-aware mode. This enabled SECO to avoid routing signal lines close to a high-resonance field in cases where the resonance frequency was close to the signal rate and its harmonics.

“Validating high-speed digital designs is challenging in the best of times, particularly when it involves an embedded system like our COMexpress PCB,” said Alessandro Pali, high-speed digital design and EMC specialist at SECO. “SIPro and PIPro simplified that process for us with an easy learning curve. And, because the solutions interact well with our other design tools, we were able to quickly, easily and intuitively solve even our most difficult signal and power integrity related problems.”

“High-speed digital design requires advanced electronic design automation software such as our newest SIPro and PIPro solutions,” said Stephen Slater, product manager of Keysight EEsof EDA. “That’s why I’m so pleased SECO have adopted and successfully used these solutions to verify their COMexpress PC board. Their success further validates the value of these solutions and reinforces our commitment to delivering SECO and our other customers with the best tools possible to speed their high-speed product design.”

More information about the ADS SIPro and PIPro solutions is available at and, respectively.

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