HBM equips force sensors with TEDS memory modules

Marlborough, MA. HBM Inc. announced today that its growing line of force sensors is available with a memory module designed to store sensor properties, thereby simplifying the process of configuring a force measurement system.

In the past, installing force sensors and configuring them with a system’s measurement amplifiers was a time-consuming process due to the increasingly miniaturized design of system components and connectors and the growing number of measurement channels typically involved. To simplify this integration and configuration process, HBM Test and Measurement has developed a practical solution that combines an easy-to-order force sensor with a cable of the required length, an appropriate connector plug for the amplifier, and a TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) module.

A TEDS module speeds the system configuration process by having the individual characteristics of the force sensor, including sensitivity, nominal (rated) force, supply voltage, serial number, and transducer type saved to memory when the sensor is delivered. The amplifier system reads the chip automatically and configures the measurement module with the correct sensor data, effectively eliminating entry errors and allowing users to begin making measurements right away.

TEDS modules are applicable to a wide range of transducers that operate on a variety of different principles. HBM and other leading manufacturers of transducers and amplifiers contributed to the development of the IEEE 1451.4 Standard for Smart Transducers.

HBM force sensors are delivered ready to install, including the appropriate plug and a cable in a length suitable for the application that has been tested for function and insulation resistance. These new convenient assembly options are available for almost all force sensors from HBM, as well as connector variants for nearly all HBM measurement modules.


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