Mini-Circuits highlights test systems at IMS 2016

May 25, 2016

San Francisco, CA. Mini-Circuits is on hand at IMS 2016 with its lineup of RF and microwave components spanning DC to 40 GHz. The company is also highlighting built-to-order modular test systems, including the ZTM-Series, built in a 19-inch rack-mountable chassis, and the RCM-Series, built in a half-rack benchtop chassis.

The ZTM and RCM have six and three “hardware windows,” respectively. Each window can be populated with one or two DC to 18-GHz SPDT mechanical switches, one DC to 18-GHz DPDT mechanical transfer switches, one DC to 18-GHz SP4T mechanical switch, one DC to 12-GHz SP6T mechanical switch, or up to two programmable attenuators (0 to 30, 60, 90, 110, or 120 dB).

The systems come with GUI software for Windows and can be controlled via USB or Ethernet. Applications include automated production test, RF signal-path routing, cellular system test, and transmission-loss simulation.

Customers can configure a custom configuration at Mini-Circuits’ website. The company can ship within two weeks.

Other test products from the company include the 100-W, 700- to 2,700-MHz HPA-272+ rack-mount power amplifier, which delivers 48-dB gain with ±1.7-dB gain flatness. Applications include EMI and RF stress testing. It can also support multichannel high-temperature operating life (HTOL) testing. A system driving up to 80 test channels in an RF burn-in application might include an SSG-6000-RC signal generator, a ZAPD-2-272-N+ two-way splitter, two HPA-272+ amplifiers, two a ZT-10HPS-272+ 100-W 10-way splitters, and two ZT-184 40-channel splitter rack

Mini-Circuits also offers USB/Ethernet true-RMS power sensors, instrument amplifiers, and test accessories.


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