Pickering Interfaces to show RF/microwave products at EDI CON

Sept. 16, 2016

Pickering Interfaces announced it will showcase its range of PXI and LXI RF microwave switching solutions, along with a two-slot USB/LXI modular chassis and LXI simulation tool at EDI CON 2016, September 20-22 in Boston.

The new two-slot USB/LXI modular chassis offers a small, lightweight form factor, making it suitable for portable, benchtop, and space-restrictive applications. It supports one or two 3U PXI modules and accepts the majority of Pickering’s PXI products. The USB-compatible and LXI-compliant interfaces enable the chassis to be controlled directly through standard interfaces found on most personal computers—allowing for a very cost effective route into the modular test and measurement market.

The new LXI simulation tool provides users with a simple and highly portable platform for application development. Supported products include Pickering Interfaces’ PXI and LXI switching modules as well as partial support of its PXI simulation and instrumentation products. This tool allows programmers to develop and debug test code for Pickering’s LXI switching devices prior to receiving the devices or before installing the LXI switching in a test system.

Pickering’s RF and microwave switching solutions range from low-level DC signals to signal bandwidths up to 65 GHz. Configurations available within the PXI and LXI platforms include multiplexers, matrices, transfer switches, and general-purpose switches. The company will exhibit the following products:

  • PXI RF multiplexers (Series 40-760). This new range of RF multiplexers is available in the following configurations: dual, quad, and octal 4 to 1; single, dual, and quad 8 to 1; single and dual 16 to 1; and single 32 to 1. All of the multiplexers have versions with automatic terminations to manage VSWR effects, which could degrade the performance of a test system.
  • PXI microwave multiplexers (40-785B). Designed for switching 50-Ω signals up to 40 GHz, they are available as a single or dual 6 to 1 multiplexers with relays mounted on the front panel. The single-slot version can support up to three supplied remotely mounted multiplexers.
  • PXI microwave multiplexers (40-784A). Versions support 4 to 1 or 6 to 1 multiplexers in single, dual, or triple formats. They are characterized for 6 GHz, 18 GHz, 26.5 GHz, or 40 GHz. All models occupy just two 3U PXI slots.

All of these new and improved microwave switch modules include visual indicators of the relay setting thru the use of blue LEDs that indicate when a normally open path has been closed. These indicators are provided as an aid to help the user with visual checking of routing during system debug phase of test system development.

The company will also present its LXI microwave multiplexer (60-800), designed for switching 50-Ω signals up to 26.5 GHz. With the capability of supporting up to 16 banks of 6 to 1 multiplexers, it is suitable for constructing complex microwave switching systems for many applications.

Also highlighted in the booth will be the company’s eBIRST switching system test tools. These tools, designed specifically for Pickering’s PXI, PCI, or LXI products, simplify switching system faultfinding by quickly testing the system and graphically identifying the faulty relays.

Pickering will also be showing a range of LXI and PXI switching, PXI chassis, and PXI battery simulators.


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