ITC products span test-compression software to programmable power supplies

Nov. 14, 2016

Fort Worth, TX. ITC is underway this week, with companies on hand to highlight their software, switching systems, mmWave test cells, test structures, sensors, and power supplies.

For example, Pickering Interfaces is showcasing its range of PXI and LXI switching solutions and software. Highlights include a modular LXI reed-relay high-density matrix originally designed to test semiconductors at wafer and package levels. This soon-to-be-released reed-relay matrix solution combines the company’s Model 65-200 LXI modular matrix chassis with new plug-in matrix modules that provide access to all signal connections on 200-pin connectors. The company supports matrices with a Y-axis size of 4, expandable in the X-axis up to 1,536 in increments of 128. Users can specify up to six plug-in modules and can field-upgrade the chassis to extend the matrix when necessary. In addition, more than 1,500 relays can be closed simultaneously for specific conditions for parametric testing.

The company is also highlighting its two-slot USB/LXI modular chassis, Switch Path Manager signal-routing software, BRIC high-density PXI matrix modules, high-density single slot PXI reed-relay module, high-density single pole LXI Ethernet matrix modules, and  eBIRST switching-system test tools.

Xcerra is offering a presentation titled “Challenges with high volume mmWave test cells,” which addresses challenges encountered in developing a test cell for mmWave in high-volume production test. Topics will include ATE, handler, and interface challenges, as well as future test concepts.

yieldWerx is highlighting its provides a flexible, end-to-end yield management solution—yieldWerx Enterprise, which can optimize equipment throughput, achieve entitled yields faster, automate and monitor quality metrics, and transform data from multiple sources into actionable information

yieldWerx said that this year, it is showcasing its recently developed monitoring and alerting modules such as SPC and Dashboard as well as test floor operations modules such as PAT and DPAT.

Cadence is presenting its Cadence Modus test solution, which offers a new physically aware 2D Elastic Compression architecture that can reduce test time by up to 3X with no impact on fault coverage or die size, the company said. Alternatively, if design closure is a high priority, the Modus Test Solution delivers an up to 2.6X reduction in compression logic wirelength without impact on fault coverage or test time. The Modus test solution’s physically aware ATPG and diagnostics play a key role in providing a scientific approach for achieving quality of silicon, instead of blindly adding vectors—increasing test time and cost.

Ridgetop is highlighting its Prognostic Health Maintenance (PHM) systems, its InstaCell and PDKChek microelectronic test structures, the ProChek family of semiconductor characterization instruments, mini-QStar test modules, and silicon-proven mixed-signal IP cores, including MEMS sensor technology. In addition, the company is highlighting standalone sensors and sensor measurement packages that are IoT enabled for wireless connection.

And finally, Versatile Power is highlighting its Bench XR Series 600-W programmable power supply, which comes in a high-density 1U package, supports wireless digital remote sensing, and accepts Ethernet, USB, and analog inputs.

See the following articles for more on products being highlighted at ITC:

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