Berkeley Nucleonics describes fast-digital-sweep application

Nov. 22, 2016

In contrast to traditional analog sweeps, fast digital sweeps can be synchronized at any time during the sweep and yield precise frequencies throughout the sweep, according to Berkeley Nucleonics. In a recently released application note, the company describes how to configure its Model 845 signal generator with the FS fast-switching option to perform a linear sweep from 1 to 12 GHz in 10 steps and to execute the entire sweep once on every rising edge of an external trigger.

With the configuration described, frequencies are switched every 50 μs, and an output trigger provides a signal-valid indication at the completion of each transient.

Model 845 can be programmed to execute sweeps either through the company’s graphical user interface or directly via SCPI commands.

Applications include ATE, service and maintenance (with battery operation), aerospace and defense (pulse modulator and chirp test), and signal simulation (including radar and UWB).

Click here to view the application note.

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