Innovative Integration PXIe module employs Zynq coprocessor

Feb. 5, 2017

Camarillo, CA. Innovative Integration, a Molex company, has announced the COPious-PXIe. The 8HP PXIe -compatible plug-in card employs the Xilinx Zynq Z7045 system-on-chip processor, which provides dual, floating-point, ARM A9 CPUs and a large user-programmable FPGA fabric.

COPious-PXIe incorporates a high-pin-count VITA 57.1-compliant FMC module site, compatible with Innovative’s range of FMC modules and tools. FMC peripherals are directly controlled by the on-board FPGA fabric, enabling deep integration of sophisticated, user-customized DSP algorithms. The module serves real-time, DSP, and mixed-signal software-defined radio, radar, LiDAR, optical-control, and other demanding applications, which may be efficiently addressed even in conjunction with conventional PXIe system controllers running non-real-time operating systems such as Windows or Linux.

“This powerful single-board computer/adapter adds a rich portfolio of cutting-edge DAQ FMC modules and tools into the PXIe ecosystem. Customers can implement custom control, communications, and analytical algorithms within the Zynq’s copious, on-chip FPGA fabric to perform real-time signal processing of signals with up to 500 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth,” said Jim Henderson, president of Innovative Integration.

The product can be tailored to a variety of markets including embedded instrumentation; remote, autonomous I/O; mobile instrumentation; and distributed data acquisition.

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