Nano Dimension highlights 3D PCB printing at Apex Expo

Feb. 19, 2017

San Diego, CA. Nano Dimension highlighted its Dragonfly 2020 3D printing platform for electronics at IPC Apex Expo. The company described the platform as a rapid prototyping tool that combines a precise inkjet deposition printer, silver nanoparticle conductive and dielectric inks, and dedicated software to produce multilayer PCBs, reducing PCB design and test cycles from weeks to days.

The company said that users remain independent of service suppliers and can avoid outsourced-manufacturing delays. In addition, they maintain IP security by keeping sensitive design information in-house. The platform can print a full range of PCBs, including interconnects and through-holes without etching, drilling, plating, or waste.

The platform deposits conductive and dielectric materials to build a multilayer PCB from the bottom up, starting with the bottom-side conductive traces and finishing with the topside traces, in accordance with the PCB’s design file. The platform can create blind, open, or complete vias as well as plated and non-plated through-holes.

The company’s Switch software enables the platform to accept Gerber, Excellon, and odb++ files. It also supports editing and allows users to adjust parameters such as layer order and thickness. The build volume is 20 x 20 x 0.3 cm.

The company announced in December that it had delivered a Dragonfly 2020 to a Fortune 100 company for evaluation purposes.

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