Teledyne LeCroy announces addition to Ethernet testing portfolio

Feb. 22, 2017

Santa Clara, CA. Teledyne LeCroy has announced the latest in high-speed Ethernet fabric tools, the SierraNet M328 protocol-analysis system. SierraNet M328 leverages the success of the SierraNet T328, and offers the company’s patented InFusion traffic impairment test and debug solutions in conjunction with state-of-the-art analysis. The result is a complete fabric test environment for 25G, 50G, and 100G Ethernet and 32G/128G Fibre Channel interconnections.

The SierraNet M328 is suitable for interoperability system and quality assurance (SQA) test applications in today’s emerging high-speed Ethernet and Fibre Channel fabrics, offering the ability to emulate various operating environments and systems configurations. The class leading InFusion “jammer” function provides real-time traffic impairment capabilities to stress any and all of the hardware and software components of the fabric under test (FUT).

Recently ratified IEEE 802.3 Ethernet specifications are driving storage and network access speeds to carrier rate equivalents in the data center. These higher speeds require new approaches to test and validation. The Ethernet and Fibre Channel supporting specifications provide advanced PHY layer communications and offer more capabilities, including support for an expanding array of storage protocols, like NVMe.

“The SierraNet M328 is designed to approach the challenge of Ethernet and Fibre Channel traffic analysis with a unique understanding of the adaptations and peculiarities of testing and validating the high-speed fabric environment. The M328 leverages the success of the T328, where the hardware community greatly benefited from our passive probing technology, which enables visibility into advanced auto-negotiation and link training issues, and now validation teams have a comprehensive solution to complete their interoperability and SQA routines,” stated Teledyne LeCroy’s Gerard Geary, vice president of network solutions.

Utilizing the vendor’s T.A.P.3 probing technology, SierraNet T328 offers users a transparent acquisition solution for all Ethernet and Fibre Channel SAN/NAS environments, ensuring the traffic captured is the traffic transiting the bus under observation.

The SierraNet 328 platforms are configured and controlled with the Net Protocol Suite software utility. All analysis projects and InFusion scenarios are created and maintained in one tightly integrated and standards compliant package with lifetime updates and revisions included. The Net Protocol Suite software supplies users an advanced and wide-spread tool set for creating complex and detailed test matrices, which include an event timer and counter functions.

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