Intel’s Enpirion business debuts DC/DC converters for FPGAs

March 20, 2017

Today, Intel is announcing a new PowerSoC family from its Enpirion power business division. The EM2120, EM2130, and EM2140 comprise a family of pin-compatible 20-A, 30-A, and 40-A, respectively, fully digital DC/DC step-down converters designed to address growing FPGA and embedded-system power challenges. The 20-A and 30-A versions are shipping now; the 40-A model will be available in May.

An Intel spokesperson said the midrange EM2130 fully integrated 30-A PowerSoC synchronous buck converter fits multiple sweet spots in the industry. The EM2130 is suited for powering Intel FPGAs and systems requiring power that offers high density in a small footprint. The EM2130 features an advanced digital controller, gate drivers, synchronous MOSFET switches, and a high-performance inductor. A PMBus version 1.2-compliant interface provides setup, control, and telemetry. Only input and output filter capacitors and a few small signal components are required for a complete solution.

Applications include high-performance FPGA supply rails, ASIC and processor supply rails, and high-density double-data-rate (DDR) memory VDDQ rails

Intel Enpirion Power Solutions provides high-efficiency power management for FPGAs and SoCs. The spokesperson said the goal of the new PowerSoC family is for Intel to serve as a single source for the power devices and FPGAs.

The EM2130 data sheet is available here.


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