Analog Devices adds 6-GHz GaN broadband power amplifiers

April 6, 2017

Norwood, MA (BUSINESS WIRE). Analog Devices Inc. today announced a pair of high-performance gallium-nitride power-amplifier (PA) modules. The HMC7885 and HMC7748 broadband modules target applications operating between 2 GHz and 6 GHz, including test and measurement, communications, traveling wave tube (TWT) replacement, military/aerospace surveillance and countermeasures, and radar. The fully integrated, all solid-state devices expand ADI’s existing line of GaN-based PAs, and feature ease of use to accelerate prototyping and system design.

The HMC7885 is a 32-W, hermetically sealed, hybrid amplifier housed in a hermetic flange-mount package for high-reliability applications. This hybrid amplifier typically provides 21 dB of small-signal gain and 45 dBm of saturated RF-output power. The device draws 2.2 A of quiescent current from a 28-VDC supply. Both RF input and output are DC blocked and matched to 50 Ω for ease of use. An evaluation board is available with layout and bill of materials to facilitate design-in and user application.

The HMC7748 is a fully integrated multistage power amplifier module that delivers 25 W of saturated output power, accepts inputs up to −8 dBm maximum, and provides small-signal gain of 60 dB. It includes bias sequencing and regulation and is also internally matched to 50 Ω. This PA draws 0.7 A from a 12-V supply and up to 4 A from a 28-V supply. It includes an enable pin to provide shutdown capability so the amplifier can be turned on and off without cycling the power supplies.

These GaN power amplifiers provide advances in performance and packaging for broadband, medium-power applications up to 6 GHz—all of which make for a critical combination with today’s size, weight, and power (SWaP).


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