ECT_Termination Types
ECT_Termination Types
ECT_Termination Types
ECT_Termination Types
ECT_Termination Types

ECT’s receptacle portfolio offers PCB test-fixture-design flexibility

Nov. 7, 2017

Fontana, CA. ECT announced it is leveraging its experience in probe and receptacle design and manufacture to provide cost-effective and reliable customer-focused solutions for challenging in-circuit (ICT ) and functional-test (FT) applications. ECT receptacles allow for rapid replacement of spring probes without disrupting wiring. ECT said its offering of receptacles provides customers with fixture-design flexibility that results in an optimal product for their customers.

ECT receptacles meet both commercial and technical challenges. PCB testing requires cost-effective and reliable ICT and FT receptacle solutions that allow for the replacement of spring probes in fixtures without damaging the electrical connection to the test fixture. At the same time, a stable low-resistance path through the probe/receptacle assembly must be maintained while withstanding a rugged mechanical environment.

ECT replaceable probes are retained by receptacles permanently fixed into a retention plate to which electrical connection is made. Typical probe retention is achieved by detents in the receptacle or a threaded connection. Removal of the probe does not damage or break the electrical connection to the retention plate and receptacles.

Receptacles are retained in the fixture retention plate by a press fit ring on the outer surface of the receptacles. Receptacle options from ECT include the following configurations:

  • Crimp receptacles (type W): This reliable connection is used primarily on smaller probe sizes in high density applications where wire wrap is not an option.
  • Solder cup (type W-1): Used to attach the wire by soldering. It offers an excellent electrical connection between wire and receptacle.
  • Wire-wrapping (receptacles type W-2 and W-3): These are the preferred way of connecting wires to receptacles in higher volume fixtures as they are the least labor intensive. Wire-Wrap receptacles are available in 2 styles: square post and round post. Round post receptacles are mostly used if the connection will be made using a mating standard e.g. edge card connector.
  • Fastite Termination: This configuration offers the lowest fixture wiring cost for 50-mil test-center receptacles. The design combines a quick wire-insertion slot in the termination end with a precision-molded dielectric sleeve that reinforces the connection, eliminates strain and prevents electrical shorting.

Tony DeRosa, senior product manager, commented, “ECT provides a wide range of receptacle options that cover both size and termination selection. Our solutions ensure that our customer have an efficient way of replacing probes on PCB test fixtures, while maintaining electrical performance.”

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