Ponn Machine awarded ISO-9001 certification

Nov. 29, 2017

Woburn MA. Ponn Machine Cutting Co., a provider of precision custom seals and gaskets in the connector industry, has received its certificate of approval for ISO-9001 registration. After independently auditing Ponn Machine’s Woburn, MA, headquarters and primary manufacturing facility, SARA Registrar awarded the company ISO-9001 certification for design, development, and manufacture of high-tolerance gaskets and seals for applications in mobile communications and computing, medical electronics, and ruggedized military equipment.

According to Ponn Machine general manager Mark Pellicio, “We are very pleased to receive the distinction of ISO-9001 certification. It demonstrates our determination to achieve excellence throughout the manufacturing cycle, from product design all the way through to customer delivery. ISO-9001 certification assures our customers that every product they buy from us is of the highest quality, a factor that is critical when evaluating potential vendors,” Pellicio added.

ISO-9000 constitutes a series of five standards governed by the International Standards Organization, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. ISO-9000 focuses primarily on judging “quality management” and “quality assurance” and recognizes companies’ commitment to quality through product design, manufacturing systems, and processes.

Ponn Machine manufactures gaskets, extrusions, EMI shielding, custom molded products, and O-rings from sophisticated elastomeric and rubber materials, with a wide range of advanced cutting procedures, at exacting tolerances. Ponn Machine manufactures precise, high-tolerance gaskets and seals for many of today’s most demanding applications: mobile communications and computing devices, medical electronics, and ruggedized military equipment. Founded in 1934, Ponn Machine also offers wire EDM and CNC machining in addition to its waterjet cutting services.



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