Zoom.ai integrates its automated AI with Microsoft Teams and Office 365

Feb. 21, 2018

Toronto and San Francisco (PRNewswire). Today, Zoom.ai announced the integration of Zoom’s AI-driven automation platform with Microsoft Teams and Office 365. Users now have access to AI-powered productivity tools, in-depth insights, and data stored in the cloud all in a single interface.

Rob Howard, director, Microsoft Office 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft Corp., said, “Both natural-language processing and machine-learning are major strategic imperatives for Microsoft. There is no doubt that these technologies will completely change the way people interact with not only the devices they use but how they interact with their workplaces. The availability of Zoom.ai’s automation technology within Office 365 will help our joint customers automate simple tasks and improve communication within their existing collaboration tools, allowing them to get more tasks off their plate in less time.”

Zoom.ai is a chat-based productivity solution that helps employees offload and automate everyday tasks, including searching for files, scheduling meetings, and generating documents, within Microsoft Teams. In addition, Zoom.ai provides enterprise users of Microsoft Office 365 with a secure and seamless AI solution to effectively streamline the daily workflows of their employees.

Ushering in the future of work

Zoom.ai’s dynamic platform expands Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to become the single interface for employees to off-load tasks and access all of their tech stack. The Zoom.ai assistant acts as an intelligent middleware that rests between a company’s MS Teams chat application and its Microsoft suite. Using enterprise-grade security, employees can access their data and tools through one single access point: Microsoft Teams.

The introduction of new technology can be a burden for IT in enterprise; however, the ease of Zoom.ai’s setup allows employees to securely access their company’s entire technology stack and data via chat quickly and naturally.

“This integration of Zoom.ai with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365 is an ideal synergy and exactly the type of collaboration that is helping to drive the future of the workplace,” said Roy Pereira, CEO and founder of Zoom.ai. “With intuitive automated skills that make day-to-day tasks easier, we make the workday better for everyone. Zoom.ai is committed to improving the employee experience and building the future of work.”

Zoom.ai is a chat-based productivity tool that helps employees to offload and automate everyday tasks. Founded in 2016, Zoom.ai has raised $2.1 million in a seed round funding.


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