GaN Systems debuts 100-V/120-A GaN power transistor at APEC

March 6, 2018

San Antonio, TX. GaN Systems today unveiled what it calls the industry’s highest current and power-efficient 100-V GaN power transistor, the 100-V, 120-A, 5-mΩ GaN E-HEMT device (GS-010-120-1-T). It is 1.3x the current rating of GaN Systems’ own 90-A part and 2.4x to 4.6x the current rating of other high-current GaN devices in the industry, the company said. The GS-010-120-1-T is an enhancement-mode GaN-on-silicon power transistor that leverages the die design and packaging advantages delivered from GaN Systems. This new GaN transistor will be on display at APEC in San Antonio this week.

The transistor is suitable for the growing 48-V applications in the automotive, industrial, and renewable-energy industries that require power systems with high power levels in smaller size form factors. Bringing products like the GS-010-120-1-T into market results in realizations such as longer range electrical vehicles, lower operating cost renewable energy equipment, and smaller, highly integrated industrial power equipment.

In addition, the transistor enables greater design flexibility and affords options for immediate specification changes. The transistor is footprint-compatible with GaN Systems’ 100-V, 90-A GaN E-HEMT (GS61008T), thereby enabling customers to add further power by substituting the GS-010-120-1-T without changing their board. Increasing the current capability in the same size package allows customers to effectively increase the power by 33% for the same system volume.

“Our technology roadmap is positioned to deliver to the growing need of best-in-class GaN technology solutions in 100-V as well as 650-V applications,” stated Larry Spaziani, vice president, sales and marketing for GaN Systems. “The new 100-V, 120-A GaN E-HEMT—along with our recently announced 650-V, 120-A GaN E-HEMT—are among a significant number of recent high-performance GaN transistors and solutions we have introduced. Our intention, as the world’s leader in GaN power semiconductors, is to continuously provide products designed to exceed power system efficiency and reliability requirements in today’s most demanding applications.”

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