Fairview Microwave releases RF coaxial probes and probe positioner

March 15, 2018

Lewisville, TX. Fairview Microwave Inc., a provider of on-demand RF and microwave components, has introduced a line of coaxial RF probes and a probe positioner. These new products are suitable for chip-evaluation, signal-integrity-measurement, substrate-characterization, coplanar-waveguide, gigabit-SerDes, and test-fixture applications.

This new product line is made up of four coaxial RF probes and one RF PCB probe positioner. The RF coaxial probes provide return loss better than 10 dB and a maximum operating frequency of 20 GHz. The probes have a 3.5-mm female interface and a pitch of 800 or 1,500 microns, and they can be cable-mounted. They feature gold-plated contacts and can be used by hand, with or without a probe positioner. Compliant coaxial signal-ground-signal (GSG) or ground-signal (GS) pogo pins allow for a broad range of probing angles.

Fairview’s new RF PCB probe positioner can hold coaxial probes, has articulated joints, and delivers multi-axis positioner control. This positioner also boasts a magnetic mounting plate with on-off positioner switch. These new products are suitiable for use in microwave components, high-speed communications and networking.

“Launching this new family of products provides us the unique opportunity of delivering a brand-new solution to an existing problem. Engineers and technicians will no longer have to construct their own probes; we have a finished product that has been tested and proven to provide the tester with more repeatability and control,” said Dan Birch, product manager.

Fairview’s new coaxial RF GSG (or GS) probes and positioner are in stock and ready for immediate shipment with no minimum order quantity.


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