Eberspaecher debuts solid-state plug-in power mini relay

March 22, 2018

Esslingen, Germany. Modern-day vehicles require more switching cycles to handle the increasing electrification of functions and components. Eberspaecher Controls’ new solid-state plug-in power mini relay (12 V at 100 A) offers a reliable component for controlling and switching electric loads found in applications such as in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, offroaders, or industrial equipment.

Eberspaecher’s compact high-power solid-state plug-in relay features low control power and short response times and is silent and non-wearing in operation. A further advantage it offers over electromechanical relays is its long service life of several million switching cycles. Robust in construction, the plug-in relay meets the high electrical and mechanical demands of the automotive industry. For example, it is able to carry 125 A permanently at 25°C, and for a few minutes at 85°C. With a nominal contact resistance of just 290 µΩ, the relay features high current carrying capacity with little heat build-up. The high-power plug-in power mini relay can replace cost-intensive screw-contact solutions in many applications.

Its fields of application are diverse, including in on-board subsystems, electrically heated catalytic converters, fan motors, and vacuum pumps. The relay in power-mini format can be pulse-width modulated to reduce the load current or smoothly ramp high currents on and off. Flexible application is enabled by the possibility to switch loads in high-side or low-side mode.


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