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Hirose expands space-saving USB Type-C connector family

March 23, 2018
Downers Grove, IL. Hirose has added a top-mount version to its compact USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C connector family to meet customer requests for a rugged USB connector with a small PCB footprint. Designed for electronic devices susceptible to high-vibration and drop impacts, the top-mount CX90B1 Series USB connector offers enhanced mounting strength to the PCB for increased durability. With a depth of 8.15 mm, the miniature design creates
additional PCB space for optimized antenna design and larger battery capacity. By comparison, conventional Type-C connectors are significantly longer, up to 9.4 mm, which consumes valuable PCB real estate, the company said.

Supporting high-speed applications, the dual-row CX90B1 Series USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C compliant interface connector delivers up to 10 Gb/s. The SMT connector features a symmetrical mating design that allows for reversible plug insertion. To improve mounting accuracy, the CX90B1 Series has built-in guide posts that ensure precise connector positioning and orientation on the PCB.

Accompanying the CX90B1 Series USB connector, the CX60 Series Type-C plug features a slim design and compact size with a length of 11.10 mm. The plug is designed to prevent short-circuit risk, as the housing separates the contact and the shell. A superior latch design produces a clear tactile click and high retention force ensuring reliability and ruggedness.

“The space-saving CX90B1 Series USB connector and CX60 Series plug supports next-generation transmission speeds, while reducing the occupied mounting area in comparison with comparable connectors on the market. This allows OEMs to reduce the size of their portable electronic devices,” said Bill Kysiak, product marketing manager for Hirose Electric USA.

The top-mount, dual row 24-position CX90B1 Series USB 3.1 is rated at 5 A.


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