Yole Développement: Megatrends drive MtM overall wafer demand

April 2, 2018

Lyon, France. More than Moore (MtM) wafer demand reached almost 45 million 8-inch-equivalent wafers in 2017. The wafer demand is expected to reach more than 66 million 8-inch-equivalent wafers by 2023, with an almost 10% CAGR between 2017 and 2023. According to Yole Développement’s definition, the MtM applications include MEMS and sensors, including CMOS image sensors, as well as power and RF devices.

For the first time, the market research and strategy consulting company Yole has announced a global technology and market analysis dedicated to the MtM industry. The Wafer Starts for More Than Moore Applications report is the first part of a series that will be released all year long.

“Yole’s analysts are part of the powerful semiconductor community,” explains Emilie Jolivet, director, Semiconductor and Software at Yole. “Their daily interactions with leading companies allow them to collect a large amount of relevant data and cross their vision of market segments’ evolution and technology breakthroughs. Wafer Starts for More Than Moore Applications report is the first opportunity to get an overview of the MtM industry based on a 20-year expertise.”

“Numerous megatrend market drivers will contribute to MtM devices’ growth,” confirmed Amandine Pizzagalli, technology and market analyst for semiconductor manufacturing at Yole. “The megatrends are covering the following market segments: 5G including wireless infrastructure and mobile, mobile with additional functionalities, voice processing, smart automotive, AR/VR, and AI.”



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