Advantest launches high-speed tester for current and emerging memory ICs

April 24, 2018

Tokyo, Japan. Advantest Corp. has introduced its T5503HS2 memory tester, which the company calls the industry’s most productive test solution for the fastest memory devices available today as well as next-generation, super-high-speed DRAMs. The new system’s flexibility extends the capabilities of the T5503 product family in the current “super cycle,” in which global demand for memories is skyrocketing.

The memory super cycle has been driven by rapid growth in end markets including portable electronics and servers. Mobile DRAM bit share has grown more than 500% since 2009, according to market research firm IHS Markit, which estimates that, by 2021, 120 billion gigabits of DRAM capacity will be needed for such diverse data-processing applications as mobile electronics, data centers, automobiles, and gaming and graphics cards. To meet this large and growing demand, chip makers are developing new, advanced SDRAM technologies such as LPDDR5 and DDR5 memories with data-transfer speeds up to 6.4  Gb/s.

Advantest’s T5503HS2 is designed to provide test solutions for this new wave of memories as well as existing devices. It is capable of testing at speeds up to 8 Gb/s with overall timing accuracy of ±45 ps. Leveraging its 16,256 channels, the versatile system achieves the semiconductor industry’s highest parallelism and best cost efficiency in testing next-generation LPDDR5 and DDR5 SDRAM devices while also allowing users to continue testing today’s DDR4 ICs, LPDDR4 devices and high-bandwidth memories, Advantest reported. When equipped with an optional 4.5-GHz high-speed clock, the new tester has the scalability to handle future memory ICs with data rates exceeding 8 Gb/s.

With its built-in features, the T5503HS2 supports key new features in LPDDR5 and DDR5 devices. For instance, the tester can automatically recognize and adjust DQS-DQ timing differences to secure more timing margin by real-time tracking. In addition, a robust new algorithmic pattern generator (ALPG) allows fast, high-quality evaluation of advanced device features. The T5503HS2 also comes with a new programmable power supply that responds four times faster than the previous edition, resulting in much lower voltage drop.

Users currently operating T5503 testers can upgrade to the new T5503HS2 system to seamlessly and economically transition their production floors for the next generation of memory devices.

“Our T5503HS2 delivers best-in-class performance and precision for at-speed testing of next-generation memory ICs,” said Masuhiro Yamada, executive officer at Advantest. “The system’s unmatched scalability and productivity enable it to evaluate LPDDR5 and DDR5 devices as quickly, accurately, and cost effectively as possible.”

The first system shipments to customers are expected to begin in the second quarter of this year.


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