Programmable AC/DC supply provides 1,400 W in rack and benchtop configurations

May 25, 2018

Easton, PA. Acopian Power Supplies has announced the availability of a new family of single-output programmable AC/DC power supplies and wide-adjust-output programmable AC/DC power supplies. Single-output voltages range from 10 V to 270 V, and current capabilities extend to 120 A. Wide-adjust voltages range from 0 to 10 V to 0 to 270 V with current capabilities up to 120 A. These rack and benchtop units provide high power density, low ripple, and a user-friendly front panel.

The power supplies accommodate an AC input voltage of 100 to 265 VAC, 49 to 420 Hz, single-phase, with active power factor correction (PFC) of 0.99 single-phase to ensure operation in challenging AC environments and compliance with European EMC requirements.

All models are provided standard with digital voltage and current meters, front-panel controls, and “AC on” indicator, and constant-voltage and constant-current modes. Optional features include digital interfaces for RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, and USB.

While firm pricing is determined according to customers’ specifications, prices for Acopian’s rack-mounted 2U 1,400-W programmable AC/DC power supplies start at $2,821.00 per unit. Benchtop unit pricing starts at $2,831.00 each.


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