TE Connectivity debuts right-angle cabled backplane connectors

June 18, 2018

Harrisburg, PA. TE Connectivity has introduced its new right-angle cabled STRADA Whisper backplane connectors, which the company describes as the first right-angle cabled backplane connectors in the industry. Primarily used to connect GPU to GPU within a switch or server, these connectors save space and allow designers to fit it inside an enclosure with the right-angle cabled design.

The right-angle cabled STRADA Whisper backplane connectors open up another avenue of options for system architects when designing equipment for high-density applications such as AI data centers. At the same time, these new connectors continue to offer the same best-in-class electrical and signal-integrity (SI) performance as the rest of the STRADA Whisper family. These products can support 56-Gb/s PAM4 with future expansion to 112-Gb/s PAM4.

“Our industry-first right-angle cabled STRADA Whisper backplane connectors help designers improve the overall efficiency of their network equipment designs,” said Jim Gula, STRADA Whisper product manager at TE Connectivity. “As part of our STRADA Whisper portfolio, our right-angle cabled STRADA Whisper connectors provide increased flexibility for system architects when interior enclosure space is limited. The STRADA Whisper products continue to help our customers design smarter and improve high-density connectivity.”



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