NXP introduces high-power RF products for 5G networks

June 18, 2018

Philadelphia, PA. NXP Semiconductors N.V. said at IMS that it is driving innovation with its expanded cellular infrastructure portfolio of GaN and silicon laterally-diffused metal-oxide semiconductor (Si-LDMOS) products that deliver industry-leading performance in a compact footprint to enable next-generation 5G cellular networks.

Spectrum expansion, higher order modulation, carrier aggregation, full-dimension beam forming, and other enablers of 5G connectivity will require an expanded base of technologies to support enhanced mobile broadband connectivity. With spectrum usage and network footprints, MIMO technologies from four transmit (4TX) antennas to 64 TX and higher will be employed. , The company said the future of 5G networks will depend on GaN and Si-LDMOS technologies and that NXP is at the forefront in its RF power-amplifier development.

“Building on the success of 25 years of LDMOS leadership—NXP released the world’s first LDMOS product in 1992—today, we are extending our RF leadership with industry leading GaN technology, developed with the highest linear efficiency for cellular applications,” said Paul Hart, senior vice president and general manager of NXP’s RF Power business. “Backed with the best supply chain, global applications support, and unparalleled design expertise in the industry, NXP is positioned to be the leading RF partner for 5G solutions.”

At IMS 2018, NXP is introducing new RF GaN wideband power transistors and expanding its Airfast third-generation Si-LDMOS portfolio of macro and outdoor small cell solutions. Here are the new offerings:

  • A3G22H400-04S is a GaN product suited for 40-W base stations; it yields up to 56.5% efficiency and 15.4 dB of gain and covers cellular bands from 1,800 MHz to 2,200 MHz.
  • A3G35H100-04S provides 43.8% efficiency and 14 dB of gain; this GaN product enables 16 TX MIMO solutions at 3.5 GHz.
  • A3T18H400W23S is a Si-LDMOS product that is leading the way to 5G at 1.8 GHz with Doherty efficiency up to 53.4% and gain of 17.1 dB.
  • A3T21H456W23S covers the full 90-MHz band from 2.11 GHz to 2.2 GHz and exemplifies NXP’s best-in-class Si-LDMOS performance for efficiency, RF power, and signal bandwidth.
  • A3I20D040WN fits within NXP’s family of integrated ultrawideband LDMOS products and offers peak power of 46.5 dBm with 365-MHz wideband class AB performance of 32 dB of gain, 18% efficiency at 10-dB OBO.
  • A2I09VD030N boasts peak power of 46 dBm with class AB performance of 34.5 dB gain and 20 percent efficiency at 10-dB OBO. The RF bandwidth for this product is 575 MHz to 960 MHz.

The company said the breadth of its RF power technologies—which include GaN, silicon-LDMOS, SiGe, and GaAs—allows product options for 5G that span frequency and power spectrums with varying levels of integration. This array of options, combined with the products that NXP builds for digital computing and baseband processing, makes NXP a unique supplier of end-to-end 5G solutions, the company said.



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