Xcerra_HSI1x front

Xcerra introduces 12.8-Gb/s SerDes test instrument

Aug. 9, 2018

Milpitas, CA. The new Xcerra HSI1X instrument for the DiamondX platform features 32 transmit lanes and 24 receive lanes with data rates to 12.8  Gb/s. The instrument can be used for protocol and physical-layer testing of leading-edge SerDes ports found on the latest applications processors, flat panel display devices, and other high-performance ICs supporting PCIe, V-by-One HS, HDMI, USB, and MIPI interfaces.

The latest application processor and related ICs require greater than 6.4-Gb/s performance and have increased lane counts. Furthermore, many ports are mixed-mode, requiring both embedded-clock and forwarded-clock operation. With 32 transmit and 24 receive lanes per instrument running at up to 12.8 Gb/s, HSI1X provides high channel density and cost-effectiveness, allowing for high multisite full-functional testing, resulting in lowe cost of test.

HSI1X builds on the established DiamondX HSIO instrument and enhances the capabilities to meet the advanced test requirements: The HSI1X has 3.5 times the lane count and twice the data rate of the HSIO instrument and adds programmable lane-to-lane timing alignment.

The HSI1X features true parallel clock-data recovery and bit-error-rate testing, built-in PRBS pattern generation, deep user-programmable pattern memory, and flexible jitter and equalization settings.

Christopher Lemoine, product marketing director, said, “Xcerra has long legacy of leading-edge SerDes solutions. Working closely with our customers, we have developed this new instrument to support the test needs of next-generation applications processors, flat-panel display drivers, display timing controllers, and other high-data-rate devices, with cost effectiveness that is unmatched in the ATE industry. Combined with the ground-breaking efficiency and scalability of the DiamondX platform, the HSI1X is a compelling solution for the latest mobility, consumer, and automotive devices.”



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