EE-November 2018 Product Picks

Oct. 26, 2018

Modulated wideband power amplifiers

The TekBox TBMDA3 and TBMDA4 modulated wideband power amplifiers have been specifically designed to provide an economical signal source for immunity testing of electronic circuits and products. While these amplifiers are intended to increase the output of a spectrum analyzer ‘s tracking generator, they are also useful as general purpose wideband RF signal amplifiers. The TBMDA3 and TBMDA4 are ideal for driving near-field probes in order to find sensitive spots on electronic circuits, or for creating strong electric fields of up to 550V/m when driving TEM Cells. With an input power range of -5dBm to 0dBm, they can boost signal power up to 5W. The TBMDA3 has a frequency range from 10MHz to 1GHz, while the similar TBMDA4 covers a range of 100kHz to 50MHz. Test signals for immunity testing can be continuous wave or AM or PM modulated by the TBMDA3 and TBMDA4, which both provide built-in modulation capabilities to generate 1kHz AM or PM signals. In PM mode, they can also generate a 217Hz Signal with 12.5% duty cycle for simulating mobile phone TDMA noise. Saelig

Kit for testing antennas for IoT devices

The new IoTest kit accelerates the process of embedding antennas in IoT devices and evaluates in minutes if the antenna selection is suitable for the application. IoTest includes easy-to-use purpose-built antenna testing software with help and educational materials and a full line of IoT antennas already mounted on demo boards to choose from in order to test, compare, set up reference levels and converge to the best tuning possible. IoTest kit incorporates an industry-leading USB powered Antenna Analyzer P60 and its dedicated calibration kit P911 from Copper Mountain Technologies. PulseLarsen Antennas

Automotive security development security kit

The new CryptoAutomotive In-Vehicle Network (IVN) TrustAnchor/Border Security Device (TA/BSD) development kit enables OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to introduce security to networked vehicle systems, starting in areas of priority, with the highest level of protection and without disruption elsewhere, according to the vendor. The development kit emulates a secure node in an automotive network and provides system designers with an intuitive starting point for implementing security. Designed to be flexible, the tool accommodates each OEM’s implementation by allowing manufacturers to configure the node to conform to various specifications and industry standards. The tool demonstrates secure key storage, Electronic control unit (ECU) authentication, hardware-based crypto accelerators and other cryptographic elements. When used with a host microcontroller, it enables designers to implement functions such as secure boot and Controller Area Network (CAN) message authentication, including conversion of CAN 2.0 messages to CAN Flexible Data rate with appended Message Authentication Codes when appropriate. The TA/BSD emulation kit enables OEMs to continue using their existing microcontrollers (MCUs) and existing MCU firmware certified to required safety standards by later adding the companion chip the kit emulates. These companion chips will come to the customer preprogrammed and include built-in security measures to provide true hardware-based key protection. The tool can be used with any ECU, architecture, configuration or bus, providing the flexibility to implement security in existing systems without large-scale redesigns. The CryptoAutomotive Security ICs TA/BSD development kit (DM320112) is available today for $250.00. Microchip Technology Inc.

Electron backscatter diffraction detector

Thermo Scientific Lumis EBSD detector (PRNewsfoto/Thermo Fisher Scientific)

The Lumis EBSD detector incorporates a large-format CMOS sensor to enable higher sample throughput, higher resolution measurements and more precise phase identification, as compared to this vendor’s previous-generation CCD detectors. The CMOS sensor provides sensitivity at high frame rates due to a high dynamic range, increased quantum efficiency and improved noise management. Scientists and researchers in metallurgy, geophysics and other disciplines can use the Lumis EBSD detector to identify crystallographic phases and grain properties, as well as to monitor structural transformations in samples. The new detector is also designed to help microscopists understand failure mechanisms. Additional benefits of the Lumis EBSD detector include: High-speed data collection at several thousand frames per second, acquisition of patterns at probe currents below 10 pA for samples sensitive to microscopic beam currents; and compatibility with the vendor’s Pathfinder 2.0 microanalysis software. Thermo Scientific

Benchtop probe for precision high-voltage meter

The HVL-150 SmartProbe expands the measurement range of the vendor’s Model 4700 precision high-voltage meter to 140 kVDC and 100 kVAC (rms). The HVL-150 benchtop probe features the vendor’s proprietary ultralow thermal coefficient attenuator technology that minimizes the effects of self-heating to maintain optimum accuracy. In addition, the probe’s low capacitance enhances AC measurement performance. The meter offers high performance while providing instant, direct, high voltage measurement in a portable, compact, and rugged benchtop enclosure. The 4700 precision high-voltage meter offers measurement accuracy of 0.03% of reading +0.03 V and resolution of 10 mV for direct inputs up to 10 kV. For higher voltage applications, Vitrek’s SmartProbes are interchangeable and are offered with DC ratings of 35 kV, 70 kV, 100 kV, and now, 140 kV. Vitrek SmartProbes store precision calibration data, which is downloaded when plugged into a 4700 HV meter. To ensure the best possible measurement accuracy, the 4700 high-voltage meter performs more than 40,000 readings per second, which are then filtered, subsampled, scaled, and offset-corrected. The 4700 provides very low frequency AC readings down to 0.01 Hz, as well as peak-to-peak, crest-factor, and fundamental-frequency measurement. Available G series probes offer high input impedances for electrostatic-voltmeter applications. Vitrek 4700 HV meters and SmartProbes all come with an ISO 17025 accredited calibration report. Price for the HV-150 SmartProbe is $2,695. Vitrek

DC/DC converters

TEL10WI Series 10-W DC/DC converters in a DIP-16 package measuring 0.94 x 0.54 x 0.31,” offer a power density of 3.83 W/cm3. Approved to UL62368-1 and UL60950, the TEL10WI converters are economical solutions for space-critical and cost-sensitive applications in instrumentation, IT, and industrial electronics. The TEL10WI Series converters feature a 4:1 input ranging from 9 to 36 or 18 to 75 V and 14 single and dual output models of 3.3, 5.1, 12, 15, 24, ±12, and ±15 V. Efficiencies of 80 to 88% help enable an operating temperature range of -40°C to +88°C (with derating above 70°C). These high-density DC/DC converters are enclosed in a 6-sided shielded metal case with an insulated base plate and an internal filter to meet EN 55032 class A conducted emissions (or class B with external components). They also include short-circuit and overload protection circuits. All models are backed by a 3-year warranty. Products are in stock and available through the company’s global distribution network with manufacturing lead times of 12 to 14 weeks. Traco Power

Hollow core voice coil motor

This low-inertia hollow core voice coil or moving coil linear motor, the HVCM-051-025-019-01, features high acceleration, precise positioning to less than one micron (0.00004 in.), high reliability, and low cost. This cleanroom friendly, noncommutated motor is available off-the-shelf. The HVCM-051-025-019-01 hollow core voice coil linear motor has an open aperture of 0.750 in. (19.05 mm). The hollow core allows for optics, illumination, laser beams, or cables to pass through. With a 0.50 in. (12.7 mm) stroke length, a continuous-force rating of 4.8 lbs  (21.3 N) and a peak force of 15.15 lbs (67.4 N) at a 10% duty cycle, this compact voice coil motor measuring just 2.000 in. (50.8 mm) dia. X 1.00 in. (25.4 mm) housing length, is ideal for applications such as: Positioning, medical diagnostics and testing, laser beam steering, dynamic vibration absorption, optical focusing, laser cutting and welding, scanning, assembly, and wafer handling. Moticont

Compact linear induction motor

This linear induction motor (LMAA-04-01) can generate 10.6 lbs [47 N] at a 15% duty cycle. Operating at 208 VAC 3-phase 60 Hz, the synchronous velocity of this LIM is 160 in/sec [4 m/s]. This LIM was designed for high-speed operation; however, it can also be operated at stall (zero speed) to produce static thrust. This motor is encapsulated using high temperature 350°F [176°] potting compound which protects the components and seals it from moisture. A noncontacting, high speed, linear motor measuring just 8.7 in. [223 mm] long x 3.0 in. [75 mm] wide x 1.7 in. [43 mm] high this LIM operates on the same principle as a rotary, squirrel cage, induction motor. They are typically used in applications that do not require positioning. The 3-phase coil assembly can be directly connected to the AC line for single speed applications or to an adjustable frequency drive for variable speed control of the motor. The motors are reversible and can also be dynamically braked. The laminated coil assembly is used in conjunction with a customer-supplied aluminum and steel reaction plate to produce a force. H2W

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