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Ancortek releases advanced low-power and compact software-defined multi-channel transmitter/receiver radar kits

March 11, 2019
FAIRFAX, VA—Ancortek Inc., a company that specializes in low-power, light-weight software-defined radar kits in S-, C-, X-, and K-band, announces the launch of a new advanced software-defined two-channel transmitter and four-channel receiver radar kit SDR-KIT 2400T2R4 to support digital phased-array beamforming and MIMO capabilities.

The new SDR-KIT 2400T2R4 is designed for applications in direction of arrival (DOA) measurement, radar interferometry, digital beamforming, and MIMO radar. It is especially suitable for monitoring human activities, occupancy sensing, gesture sensing, and 3-D imaging among other uses.

Ancortek RF module is a high-performance coherent transmitter/receiver system implemented with phase-locked loop (PLL). The SDR-KIT 2400T2R4 radar kit, installed with Infineon highly integrated RF chip BGT24MTR12 and BGT24MR2, transmits FMCW/FSK/CW signal waveforms in K-band with adjustable frequency range of 24–26 GHz in a time-division multiplexing manner. Its typical output power is 20 dBm and its typical phase noise is -96 dBc/Hz at 1MHz offset. Four receiving channels provide both I and Q signals.

The FPGA-based processor offers ultimate design flexibility with industry-leading programmable logic. It has four 40-MSPS ADCs supporting four receiving channels. A high-speed USB peripheral controller enables raw sampled data streaming to PC for post-processing.

A new user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) allows flexibility and adjustability. Users now can easily select desired center frequency and bandwidth, choose signal waveforms, sampling rates, filtering, display parameters, and record/export I/Q data.

Software-defined architecture offers a great deal on system compactness and flexibility. Without modifying hardware, operating modes, waveforms, bandwidths, as well as processing functions can be changed within the system to adopt in different scenarios and applications.

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