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Innovation Hub Launched to Accelerate Advanced MCU Tech

Dec. 13, 2022
Codasip Labs is an innovation hub within the company, supporting the development and commercialization of technical innovations in key applications.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is Codasip Labs?
  • The mission of the innovation hub.

Codasip established the eponymous Codasip Labs as an innovation hub within the company. It supports the development and commercialization of technical innovations in key applications, including security, functional safety, and AI/ML. The intent is to identify and build technologies advancing custom computing solutions, speeding up the time-to-market for optimized products with domain-specific designs.

Led by Codasip Founder and President Karel Masarik, the growing team of application experts within Codasip Labs includes the recently acquired Cerberus Security Labs. According to Masarik, “With Codasip Labs, we aim to extend the possible, bridging a gap that often exists between innovative research and commercialization. As semiconductor scaling is showing its limits, there is an obvious need for new ways of thinking. We will be working with universities, research institutes, and strategic partners to enable innovation and empower our customers to stay at the forefront of processor architecture.”

The innovation hub will create an environment for cooperative research between industry and academia. The Codasip University program will focus on preparing and training the next generation of researchers and engineers, while developing solutions to solve tomorrow’s technological challenges as well as cooperating with other industry leaders. Codasip Labs also is on the RISC-V Steering Committee and Working Groups, along with relationships to other organizations, such as those within the ecosystem fomented by the EU Chips Act.

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