EMI Test Receiver Performs Emission Measurements Up to 30 MHz

April 5, 2023
The R&S EPL1000 is a compact, complete, and CISPR 16-1-1 compliant test receiver for quick and precise EMI measurements up to 30 MHz, with added spectrum analyzer and signal and tracking generator for various lab applications.

The R&S EPL1000 from Rohde & Schwarz is a compact and CISPR 16-1-1-compliant test receiver for quick and precise electromagnetic-interference (EMI) measurements up to 30 MHz. And with its additional spectrum analyzer and signal and tracking generator, it's well suited for various lab applications.

The instrument reduces uncertainty in pre-compliance measurement tasks, and a very fast time-domain scan lets it check all frequencies in CISPR bands A or B in a single shot for quick and seamless measurements over extended periods of time. A user-friendly GUI helps electromagnetic-compatibility (EMC) engineers quickly find infrequent emissions and achieve a good overview.

In addition to a pulse-protected input, the R&S EPL1000 has an autoranging function to prevent the overloading of the signal-processing chain to ensure correct measurement results. Built-in pre-selection ensures a high dynamic range and enables the acquisition of short pulses. Automation simplifies measurements and ensures exact reproducibility of test sequences.The additional spectrum analyzer functions help with a detailed EMI analysis.

An optional integrated continuous-wave signal generator with a tracking generator function characterizes used accessories and cables without the need to utilize an external signal generator. Beyond the standard mains supply, the compact test receiver can be run on 12/24-V dc or battery, making it very flexible and portable.

The R&S EPL1000 is well-suited for conducted voltage and current emission measurements. The frequency range to 30 MHz is ideal for testing commercial products against ISO, EN, CISPR, and FCC standards.

The receiver supports product certification, pre-certification, measurements during product development phases, and market surveillance. It can be used with the R&S ELEKTRA test software, which helps minimize test times and simplifies configuring test systems and running procedures in line with the EMC standards, while providing comprehensive and customizable test reports.

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