Real-Time Data Infrastructure Platform Advances Semiconductor Test

Jan. 2, 2024
The ACS RTDI Platform can develop integrated workflows across the entire test ecosystem, improving test cost, yield, and tme-to-market.

Semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest announced that its recently launched ACS Real-Time Data Infrastructure (RTDI) has been accepted by multiple major data-analytics companies. The collaborative efforts will focus on accelerating data-analytics, artificial-intelligence, and machine-learning decision-making within a single, integrated platform.

Providing an open-solution ecosystem data platform, ACS RTDI is a real-time data infrastructure. It securely collects, analyzes, stores, and monitors semiconductor test data to automate the process of converting insights into actionable test decisions to reduce test time, optimize quality and reliability, and enhance smart packaging.

“In the semiconductor test industry, it has historically taken multiple iterations to drive higher yields, improve quality and reliability, and achieve higher throughput and smart packaging," said Michael Chang, vice president and general manager of ACS at Advantest. "The current file-based approach is performed offline, taking days or even weeks to identify and resolve any issues.

“We are pleased to be working with industry-leading data-analytics partners to enable their cutting-edge applications into our RTDI platform. These partnerships enable customers to take advantage of new levels of data integrity and security across different test nodes and benefit from proven infrastructure solutions that will enable them to achieve new levels of operational efficiency.”

Streamlined, Safe Platform 

Employing low-latency edge computing and analytics in a secure environment, the ACS RTDI platform integrates data sources across the entire IC manufacturing supply chain, minimizing the need for human intervention and thus streamlining overall data utilization across multiple insertions. Supporting customers’ databases while addressing cybersecurity concerns, the ACS RTDI platform is designed to be reliable and safe, ensuring hassle-free OS revisions.

"We are excited to collaborate with Advantest ACS on the launch of the ACS RTDI platform,” said Said Akar, GM, Exensio Analytics at PDF Solutions. “This platform strengthens the joint cloud-to-edge architecture while utilizing Exensio advanced analytics applications to address semiconductor industry use cases targeting quality, test time ,and yield.”

“We see immense value in collaborating with Advantest to bring deep data edge analytics to semiconductor test,” said Uzi Baruch, chief strategy officer, proteanTecs. “Available in the ACS Solution Store, our proteanTecs Edge applications enable mutual customers to discover insights and take action around key metrics, including latent defect detection, power reduction, performance tuning, and 2.5/3D interconnect monitoring.”

“Our close collaboration with Advantest will provide mutual customers with efficient access to Synopsys’s ACS RTDI-compatible analytics applications,” said Steve Pateras, vice president of marketing, Hardware Analytics and Test at Synopsys. “The availability of Synopsys Silicon.da real-time production analytics applications enables the ACS ecosystem to improve key chip production metrics such as quality, yield, and throughput, while also improving key silicon operational metrics such as chip power and performance.”

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