Newest LabView Release Raises The Productivity Bar

June 23, 2003
This version dramatically simplifies the creation of measurement and control applications and goes beyond embedded PGAs to palmtops and PDAs.

With many years of engineering effort behind it, the LabView 7 Express graphical development tool promises to simplify as well as expand LabView's scope of measurement and control applications. Its 38 Express virtual interfaces (VIs) streamline the development of common applications like data acquisition, analysis, and file I/O.

This latest version from National Instruments closes the gap between the previous tradeoff that existed between the power, flexibility, and scalability of traditional programming languages and the ease of use and interactivity of configuration-based tools. Its redesigned NI-DAQ driver framework and two new interactive assistants for data acquisition and instrument control simplify measurement taking and information collection.

With its DAQ Assistant, PC users can configure and define sophisticated data-acquisition tasks with a few mouse clicks. LabView 7 Express includes the LabView base, full and professional development systems, and several add-on modules:

  • The new LabView 7 FPGA module for developing applications to run in FPGAs on NI's reconfigurable I/O hardware;
  • The new LabView 7 PDA module for creating portable handheld measurement and control applications on a Microsoft Pocket PC or Pal OS PDAs;
  • The upgraded LabView 7 real-time module for developing deterministic, real-time, and embedded control applications;
  • The upgraded LabView 7 data-logging and supervisory control module for developing distributed monitoring and control applications.

LabView 7 Express starts at $995. FPGA, real-time, and data-logging and supervisory-control modules cost $1995 each. The PDA module costs $995.

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