Software Makes RFI Site Surveys Easy

July 28, 2006
Used with the BumbleBee handheld spectrum analyzer, Berkeley Varitronics’ Honeycomb software helps clear the air for Wi-Fi systems.

The Honeycomb RF interference-mapping software allows engineers to overlay RF data onto maps and floor plans to simplify RFI site surveys. Designed for use with the company’s BumbleBee spectrum analyzer, the Honeycomb software, from Berkeley Varitronics Systems, helps users separate sources of interference from IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi signals. As a result, engineers can graph the severity of interference, percentage of channel capacity remaining, and other important interference-related parameters.

The software aids in channel verification and in locating jamming interference, unintentional interference, and network intrusion. It will also map all likely signal sources and strength in order to help clear "RF-free zones." The BumbleBee, which is required to use the Honeycomb software, is a handheld spectrum analyzer that interfaces with the HP iPAQ PocketPC. It comes in three versions covering combinations of distinct wireless bands, including the Wi-MAX band.

Contact the company for availability. PRICING
BumbleBee users can receive a $250 discount when they purchase the Honeycomb software. Contact the company for details. FOR MORE INFORMATION

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