USB Test Software Expanded, Enhanced

July 27, 2007
Jungo Software Technologies has released USBTester 1.0, which supports Human Interface Device testing and testing of composite USB devices.

Version 1.0 of Jungo Software Technologies' USBTester includes enhancements that make it easier for USB developers to quickly validate their devices for USB compatibility, Chapter 9 conformance, mass-storage functionality, and performance. New features include a Human Interface Device test module and a related test suite. Also new is support for testing composite USB devices. The Host Controller Selection dialog was enhanced to include a tree view of all devices connected to the selected host controller. In addition, the software now informs the user when attempting to test a low- or full-speed device that is not connected through a high-speed hub.

USBTester offers ready-made test suites for Chapter 9 tests, mass-storage class tests, and mass-storage performance tests. It is fully integrated with commercial USB bus analyzers so it can shorten development time and debug cycles by pinpointing the USB protocol deviation on both testing platforms. Users can create custom test projects by selecting and performing specific tests in a certain order and using configurable parameters. Pass/fail test results are presented in an easy-to-view manner, with detailed explanations also available. Jungo said it is working on additional USB Class Drivers, the ability to develop proprietary tests above the USBTester Test Engine, and the ability to integrate the USBTester within proprietary automated test platforms.

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