Enhanced Software Offers One-Click Jitter Testing

Feb. 15, 2007
Agilent Technologies has added a number of improvements to release 4.5 of its software for the J-BERT N4903A serial BERT.

Software release 4.5 for the Agilent J-BERT N4903A high-performance serial bit-error-rate tester (BERT) permits test engineers to retrieve the fastest jitter tolerance test results, according to the company. The new software offers several benefits (see the Figure):

  • One-click jitter tolerance test insight shows all tested points and the test limits on one screen.
  • Faster device debug is possible because jitter setups can be restored by simply clicking on the tested points in the jitter tolerance result screen.
  • The new all-inclusive jitter tolerance compliance report in HTML format provides quicker documentation of test results.
  • Spread-spectrum clocking (SSC) allows worst-case testing of computer bus devices, and can be enabled during the automated jitter tolerance tests.
  • A new Web server provides Web-based access to the user interface from any remote Web site.

In addition, all J-BERTs now come with an improved clock data recovery (CDR) for the error detector. To support all emerging and proprietary data rates, the built-in CDR operates over a range of 1 Gbit/s to 12.5 Gbits/s. In order to optimize the jitter budget and make tests under compliant CDR conditions, option CTR, "compliant CDR with tunable loop bandwidth," is available. Installed J-BERTs can be upgraded to the new CDR functionality.

Software revision 4.5 for the Agilent J-BERT N4903A is available now, as are the new CDR capabilities and option CTR.PRICING
The revised software can be downloaded for free at the website below. Option CTR for the compliant and tunable loop bandwidth costs $21,000.FOR MORE INFORMATION
Visit www.agilent.com/find/jbert.


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