A Signal Integrity Engineer’s Companion: Real-Time Test And Measurement And Design Simulation

Nov. 11, 2008
By Geoff Lawday, David Ireland, and Greg Edlund

The latest buzz phrase in electronic engineering today is “signal integrity”. That is especially what the test and measurement companies want to help you achieve. And engineers everywhere are trying to reach the exalted goal of signal integrity. That is the subject of this new book. The authors are all affiliated with Tektronix. As you might expect, if you can find the combination of knowledgeable authors with the latest knowledge of signal integrity and who also can write very readable text, the resulting book is pretty good. I cannot tell you where else you might find some of the great stuff in this book.

The book has ten chapters:

  • Chapter 1 begins with an introduction to simulation and prototyping. It follows up with some discussion of real-time test and measurement techniques. It has a good section on pre-emphasis and eye-diagram analysis.
  • Chapter 2 talks about chip-to-chip timing and simulation in CMOS state machines. I/O circuits are covered.
  • Chapter 3 delves into signal-path analysis and describes TDR techniques. Vector network analysis (VNA) is introduced. It has a great section on designing LVDS signal paths.
  • Chapter 4 is a DDR2 case study.
  • Chapter 5 covers probing in real time measurements.
  • Chapter 6 shows how to use oscilloscopes and logic analyzers for signal integrity testing and debugging.
  • Chapter 7 goes into signal sources as stimulus for circuit testing.
  • Chapter 8 covers interoperability and compliance testing of high-speed interfaces.
  • Chapter 9 is a PCI Express case study. The last chapter is a good summary of wireless signal integrity.
If you are designing high-speed digital interfaces or buses or need to test them, this a fact-filled book that should help you make the tests you need, explain the procedures, and select the equipment. A good reference.


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