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Analysis Tool Suite Melds With Popular MCU Family

Dec. 29, 2009
Analysis Tool Suite Melds With Popular MCU Family
The LDRA tool suite now integrates into Microchip Technology’s MPLAB PIC18, PIC24 and dsPIC32/33 tool chains. The LDRA tool suite can scale down to run application code on small processor footprints, enabling the use of low-cost and low-power PIC processors in DO-178B environments. The suite integrates with the PIC tool chains, allowing for compilation, linking, and programming. Even though Microchip employs non-ANSI standard C implementation, LDRA can analyze and run code on the target and extract results to create reports identical to those from a more full-featured environment. LDRA Technology Inc., Maynard, MA. (978) 405-3180.


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