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Cost-Effective Lab Solutions: The Rise of Private Label Test Equipment

June 20, 2024
Private label solutions offer a compelling way forward for test and measurement users who would otherwise find themselves constrained by the investment required by top-of-the-range equipment.

What you’ll learn:

  • The value offered by private label test and measurement solutions.
  • How private label products meet compliance requirements.
  • The reliability of private label products’ availability.


Rising costs, supply-chain constraints, and other global challenges have made it difficult for test and measurement users to acquire the types and volumes of equipment they need. The growing costs of high-end devices not only hinder many laboratories from expanding their equipment resources, but also prevent them from offering a broader range of test and measurement capabilities. 

A tempting alternative to costly high-end equipment is to use lower-cost devices that are inevitably limited in their functionality and not always backed by laboratory-grade certification. The false economy rule can apply with test and measurement devices as much as anywhere else: If you pay less, you should not be surprised to compromise on quality and reliability while working with limited functionality.

However, private label equipment from electronics distributors can offer a more promising, reliable alternative where the user doesn’t need to compromise as much. For example, many laboratories don’t require all of the high-level capabilities provided by expensive test and measurement equipment, often investing in capabilities and advanced features that will never be used. Rather than misallocating such budget, investing in private label equipment is a valuable alternative solution.

Adding Value with Private Label Test Equipment

Many laboratories, particularly those that use the same types of equipment across a number of benches, are turning to lower-cost, private label test equipment. Whether they’re looking for a low-cost digital multimeter for highly specific testing purposes, or they operate in an educational environment with no more than 25 power supplies and 30 calibration devices in their labs, an expensive device packed with sophisticated features is often unnecessary.

It’s important to note that the affordability of private label equipment from distributors doesn’t mean lower quality. Of course, many features and functionalities aren’t available that would be on high-end devices. But the beauty of private label equipment is that it can work for a wide range of applications at a much more palatable price point. Too many laboratories find themselves paying for functionalities that they don’t need, and private label devices eliminate this issue.

Some distributors have developed a family of private label products, such as Multicomp Pro, sold through Newark, with this expanding market in mind, meeting the quality standards that customers require at the value that they demand. Newark has identified gaps in the market where they’re generating their own label alternatives with the needs of the customer always the top priority.

Quality Assurance in Private Label Test Equipment

Not only can the quality of low-cost products sometimes be a concern for customers, but so can their compliance with the latest regulations. Laboratories can allay these compliance fears by buying from a trusted distributor that tests every piece of equipment against current regulations before offering it for sale.

It’s critical to select a distributor that ensures all compliance requirements are met and products are fully certified before they’re put on the market. In-house test engineers should carry out full safety and functionality checks on every piece of electrical equipment and produce individual testing reports. Only when all of the documentation has been approved, should the product be launched. 

This can be a lengthy process, but it’s an essential process that distributors like Newark embarks on so that its customers can have full confidence in the test equipment, such as that with Multicomp Pro. The market can always be reassured that while private label products may cost significantly less than high-end alternatives, they will always be fit for purpose.

Consistent Availability: Private Label's Market Advantage

Availability is another area where private label testing equipment can be a better option than costlier branded products, which sometimes enter the market before they ‘e readily available to customers. These high-demand devices can also suffer from sudden surges in orders, which can strip out stock.

Private label products from distributors are usually guaranteed to consistently be available before they are introduced to customers. This enables the company to be much more nimble when it comes to reacting quickly to changing market forces.

All of these reasons are driving the demand for private label test and measurement equipment, particularly in applications that require multiple devices. While the specification on equipment from the market-leading brands will obviously be more extensive than on private label devices, a laboratory should not have to pay for what it doesn’t need.

Private label solutions offer a compelling way forward for laboratories and individual users who would otherwise find themselves constrained by the investment required with top-of-the-range equipment. Private label customers can be confident that they can acquire powerful and reliable test and measurement equipment when they need it at an attainable price.

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