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Keysight Demos at IMS 2024 Focus on 5G/6G Innovations

June 24, 2024
Demos, seminars, and workshops keyed in on the company’s new advanced RF, 5G, and 6G breakthroughs.
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What you'll learn:

  • A look at Keysight's latest RF solutions.
  • Important aspects of the technology and software demonstrations.
  • Potential applications for the latest advances.


The latest RF solutions from Keysight Technologies, which are geared toward optimizing 5G and pioneering 6G applications, were on display at the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2024. Several demonstrations were designed to accelerate RF innovations, including one that features a new wide-band active load-pull capability. The demo used the company’s dual-channel VXG-C vector signal generator and a PNA-X network analyzer to determine the error-vector-magnitude performance of a power amplifier when presented with arbitrary frequency-dependent load impedances without the need for a tuner.

Other key demonstrations utilizing Keysight's latest technologies included:

  • AI/ML-enabled EDA: Demonstrates ADS 2025, which features advanced 3D Circuit-EM-Thermal co-design and robust validation for RF millimeter-wave. The platform supports wideband power-amplifier design, integrates with PathWave System Design 2024 U1 via a new RF System Explorer, and provides tools for 5G NTN systems and an RF-true phased-array design for 5G and 6G applications.
  • Phased-array antenna test: Demonstrates Keysight's phased-array test solution in the vertical Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) that performs several tests, including gain and phase calibration, EIRP, radiation patterns, gain-to-noise-temperature (G/T) measurements, modulation distortion, and RF-to-direct digital measurements.
  • Signal source characterization: Demonstrates sub-THz noise measurements for 6G applications using the company's E5058A 54-GHz SSA-X signal source analyzer and an E5051AW downconverter, which focuses on residual phase noise and AM noise in microwave amplifiers.
  • IQ data characterization: Demonstrates how Keysight's vector-signal-analysis software leverages a new feature to precisely characterize a homodyne (IQ) system. This involves digitally correcting the frequency-dependent dispersion and imbalance of a Marki IQ mixer for accurate measurements.
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