Rotary Encoder Wheels Perform Linear Position and Speed Sensing

March 18, 2024
Measuring wheels combined with IXARC rotary encoders measure linear motion in conveyor belts and rolled products.

POSITAL's measuring wheels and accessories leverage the company’s IXARC encoders to measure linear motion in conveyor systems, the manufacture of rolled or roll-to-roll products, and similar applications. The programmable encoders are easily configurable to meet an applications needs.

The system measures linear position, speed, and position directly from any given moving surface. Their construction eliminates the gear backlash or hysteresis from encoders connected directly to rollers or drives. They measure position information directly from the surface of materials to improve accuracy and/or reduce scrap losses.

POSITAL’s measuring wheel/encoder solutions are available in resolutions as fine as 0.1 mm/pulse. Resolution is defined by software parameters that can be modified without changing mechanical components. 

Standard resolutions are available, up to 16,384 PPR, with output drivers switchable to push-pull (HTL) or RS-422 (TTL) for compatibility with PLCs. Customizable to meet the requirements of each application, they can be reconfigured on-site through simple software updates to meet system changes.

The measuring wheels come in circumferences of 200 mm, 500 mm, or 12 inches, with the rims in knurled aluminum or in smooth polyurethane in two tread patterns. In addition, several spring-loaded mounting bracket and pivot arm assemblies are available to significantly reduce slippage by providing the exact contact pressure required. The pivot arms can accommodate large lateral movements, with adjustable spring tension for optimal force.

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