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5G Solutions for Aerospace and Defense Communications

Nov. 11, 2021
A Lockheed Martin 5G.MIL testbed is hosting Keysight’s integrated 5G solutions

Lockheed Martin  and Keysight Technologies will collaborate on next-gen 5G tech to support mission-critical communications for mil/aero and defense apps. The current project focus is on a 5G.MIL testbed so Lockheed Martin teams can address 5G solutions for multiple applications.

"Lockheed Martin is leveraging expertise in the commercial sector to scale, adapt and integrate 5G technology rapidly and affordably across mission-critical operations across land, sea, air, space and cyber domains," said Dan Rice, vice president for 5G.MIL Programs at Lockheed Martin. "Keysight's end-to-end 5G test platforms, widely used commercially, provide an opportunity to develop customized solutions that meet the stringent requirements of the defense industry."

Advancing Lockheed Martin's 5G.MIL vision for secure and resilient connectivity in defense and national security applications, adapting commercial 5G technology where possible to serve tactical communications in mission-critical terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks. In addition to using automated test cases to evaluate 5G systems' cyber security and vulnerabilities, it can also determine cyber resiliency in 5G-enabled solutions from development to the field.

"Deployment of future-proof, seamless and secure communication links serving operations across ground, sea and air depends on the successful integration of 5G, satellite, unmanned aerial vehicle, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies," said Vince Nguyen, general manager for Aerospace Defense Government Solutions at Keysight Technologies. "Leveraging Keysight's portfolio of flexible, scalable, and fully automated test, measurement, verification and optimization tools, Lockheed Martin has implemented the most advanced testbed for 5G and hybrid networks that we have seen in the aerospace and defense industry."

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