East Coast Datacom announces portable network emulator supporting 1G or 10G

ROCKLEDGE, FL—East Coast Datacom (ECD), a  manufacturer of network emulators, announces the low-cost PDS-1/10G Portable Delay Simulator. This easy-to-use product allows network impairments for bandwidth restriction, latency, jitter, loss, and re-ordering at link rates up to 10GbE. The PDS-1/10G allows changes-on-the-fly and has a real-time statistic screen with a packet counter reset. The unit supports 1G or 10G network emulation for one low cost.

The versatile PDS-1/10G is easily portable in a laptop case, it allows desk or bench top testing, wall mount or 1U Rackmount installation with a unique compact enclosure design. The unit is configured via an embedded Graphical User Interface (GUI) and has no cumbersome software to install. The unit is backed with a strong 3-year warranty including maintenance software upgrades.

The PDS-1/10G is a must have test tool for application development and customer demonstrations. The PDS-1/10G product is based on the WanRaptor Network Emulator core technology that ECD introduced in 2018. ECD's hardware technology is the latest Intel XEON E-2100 series processor, Flash Drive, DDR4 memory, and the most versatile compact MINI-ITX chassis available today in the market.

The PDS-1/10G is immediately available with special promotional offering.