Megger enhances high-performance ground tester

NORRISTOWN, PA—Megger has enhanced its DET2/3 earth/ground resistance tester by adding new optional test lead reels that dramatically reduce time and frustration for the operator. This high-performance ground tester replaces the incomparable DET2/2 that was an industry standard for 25 years.

Designed to test communications and ground systems, this tester features a graphic display for better data analysis, excellent error detection capabilities, as well as the widest range of test frequencies to ensure noise protection.

The DET2/3 offers improved accuracy and stability. It has a test frequency range from 10 Hz to 200 Hz in steps of 0.5 Hz, with an automatic frequency selection feature that allows users to ensure tests are carried out at the frequency with the lowest noise level. 

The unit includes a large internal memory that allows immediate calculation of resistivity and can store more than a day’s worth of test results. These results can be downloaded to a USB flash drive or directly to a PC running PowerDB software.

Megger’s robust DET2/3 meets IEEE Standard 81 and is suited to testing grounding and lightning protection. It has an IP54 rating during use for real-world conditions as well as IP65 protection (with the lid closed). This tester is an excellent diagnostic tool for anyone performing ground testing. The DET2/3 supports two-, three- and four-pole ground resistance measurements.